What does LOOK mean?

LOOK means Locally Owned & Operated Kompanies, yes we spelled Companies with a "K"

DTL is a Dance Studio that offers classes in: Beginner Salsa, Intermediate Salsa, Beginner Bachata, Intermediate Bachata, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Yoga, Zumba, & Turbo Kick. With more classes to be added!


With over 30 years of combined experience, the sisters opened the Celtic Spirit School of Irish Dance in 2010. Catherine and Claire are specialized choreographers and all of the intricate steps and shows are exclusive. Their instruction includes both traditional and competitive Irish Dance steps. These include both heavy (hard shoes) and ghillies (soft shoes). Today, classes offered include beginner through advanced courses in both locations. Since its inception, Celtic Spirit has performed at locations across the Southwest Florida area in both private and public arenas. Celtic Spirit can always been seen with a large float in both the Naples St. Patrick’s Day parade and the Marco Island St. Patrick’s Day parade.