What does LOOK mean?

LOOK means Locally Owned & Operated Kompanies, yes we spelled Companies with a "K"

Wealth Management

CapitalRock Investments
CAPITALROCK INVESTMENTS, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We manage money for individuals, families, pension plans, and business entities. We utilize a multiple strategy approach to take advantage of various market conditions while employing prudent risk management techniques.

Firm Overview
Who we are, what we can do for you

Freedom, Independence & Dedication To You. CAPITALROCK Investments is a private, “boutique style”, Registered Investment Advisor and wealth management firm specializing in intelligent, financial solutions for individuals and businesses. Our fiduciary responsibility is to you and your family, this means we work exclusively in your best interest, free from bias or ties to specific financial products or strategies. While we work with a wide variety of clientele, ranging from accumulators (those still working and saving for retirement) to distributors (those retired or dependent on passive portfolio and financial instruments produced income), our customized solutions are particularly designed for investors seeking a more personalized experience with greater communication.

Portfolio Management
Taking our time to get to know you, we collaborate with you to design a portfolio which first and foremost will limit your downside to a level you are personally comfortable with and that is consistent with your articulated risk tolerance while providing the highest probability of meeting your financial goals. Our primary aim is to avoid large unrecoverable portfolio losses while simultaneously ensuring the portfolio is positioned to give you the best chance of financial success. We do this through a dynamic, active management process utilizing low cost exchange traded funds (ETF) and individual stocks and bonds. You will receive institutional quality advice at a lower than average retail price.

Financial Planning
Our firm principals have the education, experience and expertise to guide you through various financial analyses and strategies to maximize your financial potential. Disciplines captured by “financial planning” include retirement income planning where we determine how to accumulate and distribute a lifetime of income to you via your financial resources – tax planning where work with you and your tax professional to design strategies that maximize all tax benefits available to you to preserve your assets for you – estate planning where we work with you and legal counsel to ensure the tax efficient and desirous distribution of your estate to your heirs – survivor income planning where we analyze the income needs of your surviving heirs in the event of your premature death prior to the completion of your lifetime earning ability – disability income planning where we analyze your need for continued income in the event you are injured or ill and cannot earn a living – asset protection planning where we analyze and recommend how to arrange your financial affairs to protect you from the various risks to those assets.

Client Care & Communications
Navigating the “new normal” economic and financial environment in the post “multi-faceted recession” poses new challenges requiring a higher level of expertise than required ever before. This makes your selection of a financial advisor and advisory firm a critically important decision and is therefore a choice we take very seriously.

Ongoing proactive communication with our clients is more important than ever and is an aspect of our business we are uniquely positioned to deliver at a level exceeding most other large brokerage firms. CAPITALROCK portfolios and planning are constructed in house, on site, by our firm principals and the management of your assets is not delegated to third party or undisclosed managers. You are therefore in direct contact with your “portfolio manager”, whenever you like, and during regularly scheduled review sessions and frequent firm communications. The ultimate control of your money always belongs to you.